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Psychiatry is the traditional practice of utilizing western medicine to diagnose & treat a variety of psychological and neurobiological symptoms.

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Psychotherapy can mean many things. I am a big believer in solution focused therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and psychoeducation.

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Coaching is critical. Currently those who practice as coaches are not required to be licensed or prove any legal competency.

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Bobbi Duffy, CRNP-PMH BC

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

About Found Souls Studio

Why name a psychiatry practice Found Souls Studio?

To be perfectly honest, the name was born from a slight resentment. Hearing the word create and creative used by fine artists in almost an exclusive manner, led me on a mission to “prove” that creativity is not only a birthright, but also a necessary component of mental wellness. I have spent years speaking around the country about creative mental health and innately knew life itself is art, best lived when based on a creative outlook. Thus, the term Studio.  In this practice we co-create lives perspectives & alternative approaches to challenges. This is a life design studio.

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This gets a tedious, yet necessary tasks out of the way. If I receive them before our first appointment, I’ll review them and we can immediately start working on a solution once any questions have been clarified.

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